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Watch the video above to hear the story of a life changed because of three lives changed… Christmas happens more than once a year! The Nativity of Jesus happened only once in history, but His birth happens again and again when He touches lives through the good works of each of us as we reach out [...]

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Breakfast At The Breadline

This week, the St. Francis Breadline was happy to welcome the hard working team from Bombas. Bombas is a company that makes special durable antimicrobial socks for the homeless, having donated over 64,000 pairs to shelter and programs in New York City over the last year. Not only does Bombas donate socks to the Breadline [...]

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Happy New Year from Franciscan Bread for the Poor

Franciscan Bread for the Poor is best known for our Breadline. Since 1930, every morning, without fail, the Friars and our volunteers have provided nutritious, high-quality meals to members of our community. On a typical day, starting at 6:45 am, we feed between 350 and 450 people. Our clients receive enough food to get them [...]

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The Gospel this week….

The Gospel this week is about reaping and sowing. The question we must ask ourselves is what must we do so that the Spirit or Word of God takes root and grows in our life. Only you know what weeds need to be pulled out, what rocks are in the way, what needs constant pruning, [...]

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