Franciscan Bread For The Poor, INC. St. Francis Breadline

For the past 92 years, the St. Francis Breadline has 
provided meals to over 200 men & women each morning.

Every day, at 7 AM, a line forms down 31st street in
New York City and each guest receives a sandwich,
a cup of coffee and a simple slice of cake.

No one is ever turned away.


92 Years of Compassion

You don’t have to look far to find those in need these days. With the skyrocketing costs of housing, food and heat, some of our brothers and sisters can’t keep their heads above water. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we will be expecting our daily 200 guests to line up outside our door tomorrow morning. Not one person will be turned away.

Cups of Coffee
Slices of Cake

St. Francis Breadline

For the past 92 years, the breadline has provided meals to these people, many who are homeless, disabled, abused, veterans or just struggling to make ends meet. Our sandwiches, coffee and cake are all served with compassion and respect.

Breadlines Delivers

Franciscan Bread For The Poor INC. also provides assistance through Breadline Delivers. It is a ministry of service to the poor, elderly, shut-ins, and anyone who has difficulty accessing services. Every week our members choose which grocery items they want, and then our volunteers pack and deliver their order to their front door.

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The phrase “All Are Welcome” is at the core of Franciscan hospitality. We don’t believe in living in the past, only serving all those who cross our lives in the present, and we look forward to the challenges of the future. 

"I’ve been to pantries all around New York
and this is number one. The service and the volunteers are always very nice to you,
they don’t look down at you because you’re
in an unfortunate situation"
-Eric, Pantry Guest

Shop St. Francis Breadline Mass Cards

Your purchase of St. Francis Breadline Mass Cards helps us feed and comfort those who come to us in need each day. They are one of the most beautiful symbols of prayer and thoughtfulness. 


The Franciscan Friars: Franciscan Bread For The Poor

We Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province follow the teachings and example of our founder, St. Francis of Assisi. His way was to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by living simply and helping those less fortunate, forgotten, unaccepted, and rejected by our society. Starting with a small group of followers 800 years ago, the Franciscans are now a worldwide movement that is still committed to helping the poor and marginalized. We call our ministry Franciscan Bread for the Poor, and in the tradition of our founder, we provide food to all those who are in need. However, our purpose goes beyond distributing food on our breadline or delivering groceries to seniors. Of all the things that defined St. Francis, joy, compassion, and hope are still the fundamental values we cherish and which are at the heart of what we serve and share with those less fortunate.

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