As we prepare ourselves for the coming of Easter, I would ask you to take a moment to consider the true meaning of Lent. Many people observe Lent as a period of sacrifices, often fasting, “giving up” habits and focusing on personal challenges. But does this truly capture the spirit of Lent? Instead, think of Lent as a time to prepare ourselves to be more like Jesus at Easter time. This can be an act, a thought or a process that helps us to become kinder and more merciful human beings.

We see these acts of kindness and mercy on the St. Francis Breadline daily, where, for the past 86 years, we have provided meals to over 400 men, women and children each morning. Every day, at 7AM, a line forms down 31st Street in New York City and each one of our guests receives a sandwich, a cup of coffee and a simple slice of cake. Many of these people are homeless, disabled, veterans or just struggling to make ends meet.

In the true spirit of Lent, you can perform a Christ-like act by making a gift to Franciscan Bread For The Poor / St. Francis Breadline today. The people we serve each day depend on our meals and your financial support to survive. Every hand we hold and every mouth we feed is only made possible by your generous support. Happy Easter from our Franciscan family to yours!

Many Blessings,
St. Francis Breadline