Watch the video above to hear the story of a life changed because of three lives changed…

Christmas happens more than once a year! The Nativity of Jesus happened only once in history, but His birth happens again and again when He touches lives through the good works of each of us as we reach out to help our sisters and brothers in need. We can make Christmas happen over and over again in the lives we change through love. May this Christmas bring you the peace, happiness, serenity and love that comes from the Infant Lord’s love.

For the past 86 years the St. Francis Breadline has provided meals to over 400 men, women and children each morning. So many are fed, sheltered, cared for and given some dignity in life because of you and the help you give us. Children, women and men of all ages and backgrounds receive assistance from us because of you. This year, we need your help raising $100,000. Without you and your generosity, so many more would go hungry.

You are being prayed for every day by the Franciscan Friars!