The following message and video comes from The Relief Bus, one of the organizations we are now working with.  Their ministry really reflects a great deal of what we do and what our philosophy is.  Please take time to watch and learn about this amazing ministry. 

Fr. Paul

Hello friends,

We are actively looking for some unique men and women to join our Outreach Team at New York City Relief.
We need help. We need folks who are on fire. We need disciples of Jesus who are ready to take the risky leap of faith of dedicating the next few years to serving the poor and the homeless of New York City and New Jersey. 
So here’s the deal: this is an 80 second video that describes in a “nutshell” the DNA of an Outreach Leader. Would you consider watching it and prayerfully consider your networks & communities for people you might share this video with? 
Would you consider sharing this video via social media outlets of choice (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) so that the word will spread? The fact is, not everyone is called to do this work. But we need to make sure that the folks who are get the chance to hear about it. Thanks!

Grace & Peace,
Josiah Haken
Director of Outreach
Office: 800.736.2773 x15
Mobile: 201.376.0888
Follow me on Twitter: @josiahhaken