Franciscan Bread for the Poor is now ministering with two well-known agencies in Manhattan dedicated to the care of the poor and marginalized.

Create, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization located in Harlem which was started by Fr. Ben Taylor, OFM in 1970.  The programs of Create include chemical dependency treatment, permanent housing and support services of single parent women, medical evaluations, counseling services, peer support groups, 12 step programs, vocational counseling,  job preparation/placement and day services for the elderly.  These programs will be an invaluable help to those whom Franciscan Bread for the Poor is currently serving.

The Relief Bus, whose outreach utilizes former school buses customized into mobile resource centers go out to various locations to help the poor and homeless in a variety of ways.  Aside from serving a hearty bowl of soup for lunch, the Relief Buses connect people with shelters, job training, medical care, detox and faith-based drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers.  They have incredible up-to-date resource connections around the city that will greatly benefit our guests on the breadline.

Both of these agencies have the same philosophy and spirit of Franciscan Bread for the Poor/St. Francis Breadline.  They strive to help all people in need in a non-judgmental attitude of love with dedicated joy filled volunteer teams.

We at Franciscan Bread for the Poor welcome all those from both agencies who come to our breadline seeking a ready to eat meal and those from these agencies in transitional housing who come seeking groceries.   We are grateful to be partnering with these two amazing agencies.