Dear Friends,

FBL_Spring_ImageI’m sure you have heard the phrase from the song:

Though April showers may come your way, They bring the flowers that bloom in May………

And I’m also sure you may have experienced your Mother, Father, or someone close to you say:   “Come in out of the rain, you’ll get wet and catch a cold…”


Well, those showers do come in April and many, many other times during the year. Sometimes, these rains can be warm and refreshing, but more often they are cold and freezing showers or torrential downpours that cause flooding and damage to property and even lives.

The phrase, “Come in out of the rain,” may have been shouted out to you as a child, and I’m sure you came in and maybe were greeted by a hot cup of cocoa or a snack.

Imagine if there was no place to go to get out of the rain? What if there was no cocoa, snack or anyone who cared if you got wet or sick? What if the only shelter you had was a cold, filthy sidewalk? What if the only warmth you felt came from a soggy, wet, grimy blanket or old newspaper?

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The “what if’s” can go on and on, but the reality is that this is the plight of so many of the homeless that come to us for a simple cup of hot coffee and a sandwich every single morning at 7AM.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in their situation?

I’d like to ask you to do a little reflection that I try and do frequently:

Next time you are out in the rain or the extreme cold or even the torrid heat of a summer day, think about what it would be like NOT to have a place to go to find relief from the heat or cold, the dampness or the constant rain, never having someone who cares offer you a cup of coffee, cocoa, or just a hug or a place to rest.

FBL_Spring_PrayerThis is the everyday life of so many that you are helping when you support the Franciscan Friars who minister the St. Francis Breadline – Franciscan Bread For the Poor. You are there offering relief, care and food to the hundreds who have no one and nothing to ease their pain, comfort them in their suffering and help heal them in their illness and brokenness. We do this for them in your name and with your blessing – all because of your generosity and care.

Please continue your generosity and support, as we, the Franciscan Friars, try to ease the suffering on the street, and attempt to make the April showers turn heartache and pain into May flowers that bring a smile and a little joy where there was none at all.



God Bless You All!