Earthquake in Nepal

Our prayers are with our Nepalese brothers and sisters suffering from last weeks devastating earthquake. Franciscan Bread for the Poor has no direct way of responding to the immediate needs of the people in Nepal, but Catholic Relief Services is able to do so. Below is a link that we have set up if you [...]

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Come in Out of the Rain

Dear Friends, I’m sure you have heard the phrase from the song: Though April showers may come your way, They bring the flowers that bloom in May......... And I’m also sure you may have experienced your Mother, Father, or someone close to you say:   “Come in out of the rain, you’ll get wet and [...]

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The Hill of Crosses

THE HILL OF CROSSES...... The Hill of Crosses, Kryziu Kalnas, in the city of Siauliai, Lithuania stands on a small hill, about 10 meters tall.  The tradition of leaving crosses began after an uprising of the Polish and Lithuanians against the Russian tsar was squelched in 1831.  Relatives of the dead rebels, with no bodies [...]

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The Lenten Experience

Lent means many things to many people.  Different cultural experiences which are so apparent from the very beginning with the Mardi Gras celebration.  Mardi Gras, or in English, Fat Tuesday (or Carnival) is the day before Ash Wednesday and has great notoriety as a day of strange, decadent, celebrating in which the consumption of alcohol [...]

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We do not wish to make any claims as to the authenticity regarding the events reportedly happening at Medjugorje - that job is reserved for the Holy See.  However if you are at all curious, put about 45 minutes of quiet time aside to watch this video.  It is quite fascinating.   Fr. Paul

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