Summer is a dangerous time of year for the homeless living in New York City. In July’s sweltering conditions, many men, women and children face hunger, dehydration and heat stroke. Living on the streets leaves many struggling to survive in small shaded areas under scaffolding, staircases and even cardboard boxes.

When faced with this harsh reality, many look away and pretend that it’s not happening. But at the St. Francis Breadline, we take action.

We will be expecting our daily 400 guests to line up outside our door tomorrow morning and each day after that. Not one person will be turned away. Everyone on line will receive a cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal, and a sandwich.

When you make a donation to the St. Francis Breadline, you are letting these people know that they have not been forgotten in their time of need.

Help us to provide relief to our homeless brothers and sisters this summer season by making a donation now. Your generous gift today can save a life.