As I write this, I look out my window and see that same beautiful blue sky – the one we all saw thirteen years ago today.  Since then, and for the rest of my life, beautiful blue skies will always bring me back to that day.  It was a perfect day, or at least we thought it was, until about 9am that morning.  Then everything changed.  We all know where we were when we heard the news and can never shake the feeling of shock and helplessness.  It was a nightmare that just kept coming at us as the day ticked on.

We Franciscan friars lost one of our most beloved friars that day.  Mychal Judge, the Fire Department Chaplain  who lived for his firemen and who died just as he would have wanted – with his men in their hour of most need.  We can never forget you Mychal.

Thirteen years later and we now see a new tower that has risen.  We have a holy place, a place of hallowed ground.  Thirteen years later and it is the same blue sky, but it will never ever be the same blue sky.

God bless all those who died, and the families and friends of all the victims of 9/11.

St. Francis Breadline